Should a beginner learn Git, and if so, when?

A relatively new programmer raised an interesting question:

Should you learn Git early on or push it off a bit so that you can focus on coding?

I personally pushed it off.

The little I knew about Git intimidated me, and I didn’t encounter an instance where I needed it. My understanding of it was purely from curiosity and reading about it. Nothing more.

All of that was cool until this happened :point_down:

I haven’t mastered Git since, but I learned the hard way the importance of throwing your projects on GitHub early on.

That said, I’m still wondering when the right time to learn Git is, and even then, which direction should one go? GitHub GitLab? BitBucket?

Is it essential to learn when you’re just trying to piece some HTML and CSS together and grasp the basics of coding?

hi, from indie hackers. learn git… it’s not a binary decision. learn conceptual parts, yes! learn enough to get by yes! spend 5 months doing phd in it, no. git in my opinion is horrible UI, and overkill. Even people who have been using it for decades still struggle with it, it just sucks.